2016 Baselworld Replica Cartier Love Bracelet

While this bracelet is Replica Cartier Love Bracelet in this year’s Baselworld Baselworld launch of the new work, it is the first attempt Replica Cartier Love Bracelet with “Tiger” as the theme in Fine Jewelry series. Designers Black Diamond and colorless diamonds staggered mosaic, showing gorgeous tiger stripes.
Replica Cartier Love Bracelet jewelry “Tiger” theme first appeared in a series of double ring Fashion Jewelry ring, both ends of the ring ring were a tiger shape, the head of the pattern by enamel of different colors to draw the eye is two pieces of Swarovski crystal to provide green.
New this year for the use of a more complex process of diamond paved, tiger shape also adds one more myth – the top of the ring you can see realistic tiger form, the other end of the ring ring tail is forked .
Designer rose gold inlaid colorless diamonds, on behalf of the tiger body color, black markings on the use of black-plated black diamonds inlaid claws come off, showing bright color contrast. Eye positions two mosaic oval emerald, especially the use of semi-structure package inserts, seat inserts just become tigers eyelids.
The most ingenious design this piece is a gem embellished fishtail portion plated black diamonds inlaid claw to wrap colorless, express black and white colors staggered, fishtail particular surface rough hammered out in a limited space texture, reminiscent of fish scales lines.

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