Cartier Pasha de Cartier Sport fragrance

90s launched Pasha de Cartier fragrance series, from the past to the present are aloof attractive sailing noble elegance, the classic “fern” aroma with woody patchouli, seductive force. Cartier Cartier section are very popular in men’s favorite fragrance, into a wave of modern, dynamic atmosphere, inspired with fresh citrus fragrance “Pasha de Cartier Sport Black Edition”, in February 2016 listing.

Fake Cartier

Fake Cartier

Win at the starting point of the latest edition black sports fragrance, which can speed up the charm of masculine male fragrance explosive. As if to stimulate the broad ocean, floating bursts cause rash watermelon and citrus aroma, as well as refreshing sea breeze fragrance, reminiscent of olfactory memory deep mud, sandalwood, amber and cedar.
Black Sport sailing full vigor bottle, combines classic Cartier ring ring, sculptured lines and round cabochon design, gradually turn from red to black, like a meteorite glass painted the sky, and ergonomic lines beautiful, is a symbol of elegance and movement style.

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