Michael John Release Black Opal Jewelry

American jewelry designer Michael John has just launched a new season, jewels –Replica Cartier Love Bracelet, inspired by the Italian port town of Love. The new series of the most special is the main stone choice – blue change color Australian black opal, with gold, diamonds, sapphires, Chavelet to appear blue stone island theme.

Michael John when traveling in Italy was “Portofino” meandering coastline, rolling hills, beaches and expansive skyline attracted travel memories has become a source of inspiration for jewelry design.
Australian Black Opal color change in structure from the diffraction of light in the space, while the blue color change is the optical effect produced by the structure of the minimum gap, so blue Black Opal is the highest durability varieties.
Opal surrounding rock black background to bring out the bright blue change color, reminiscent of the deep blue sea. Designers around the main stone embellishment small sapphires, Sha Fulai stone and rose-cut diamonds, representing the boat off the coast of verdant trees and waves lapping the shore.
Designers use a natural extension of the curve to outline the contours of pendant and ring care, the main stone Black Opal also retained the original shape of the natural stone formation, just as tortuous natural coastline. A pair of earrings, Michael John ingenuity to design the opposite way to wear, while a unique beauty.

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