New season Replica Cartier Love Bracelet Jewelry Collection

French jewelry designer Silvia Furmanovich has just launched a new season of High Replica Cartie Love Bracelet jewelry series, cleverly integrated into the unique antique handicrafts from different countries in the works, such as the Japanese Lacquer, Italy Murano, Micromosaic accessories.

Silvia Furmanovich father was a goldsmith, so pay attention to her craft jewelry, artifacts are particularly favored. After becoming a jewelry designer, Silvia travel frequently travel to different countries, the most representative collection of antique handicrafts, jewelry design as an important element.
In this new work, the designers lacquer, Murano glass crystal, micro mosaic jewelry as “main stone” around the use of precious stones carved and decorated with the “main stone” color, pattern echoing – miniature mosaic dove ring pattern carved olive leaf shapes; crystal mosaic green Murano glass ring care Chavelet dotted with stone; most particularly a pair of lacquer Replica Cartier Love Bracelet studded with triangular cut crystal, imitating lacquer pattern pavilions spire.
In addition to antique handicrafts, Silvia also invited a resident in Brazil and Peru border craftsmen produced retro style Marquetry jewelry, you can see embedded in the base of the wood lotus, peacock feathers, and even a complete the teardrop-shaped, emerald cut stones, craftsmen of different colors and shapes of wood seamless mosaic, each one chips are a symbol of a facet, such as precious stones generally exhibit distinct colors.
The new series of the complete works will be displayed at the opening in June in Las Vegas Couture Show Jewelry Show.

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