Replica Cartier Love Bracelet personal items Auctions

Christie’s in New York last week, the American actress Joan Rivers personal belongings auction, a Replica Cartier Love Bracelet produced in 1898, Rococo style nephrite Frame for $ 245,000 deal to become the highest bid of the auction. Jewelry is the most notable is the one produced in the early 20th century, star sapphire brooch, also produced by Replica Carteir, eventually to $ 75,000 deal.

While the 1900s bracelet chief jeweler August Holmstrom finished, set with a central arc cut star sapphire, sapphire Fengyun dotted circle around the old mine-cut diamond, the top of the silver bow decorative pattern. The brooch was originally the last Russian princess Grand Duchess Maria of Russia’s personal belongings, the London antique jeweler Wartski resold to Joan Rivers.
Joan Rivers has a private collection of more than Fabergé works in this auction a total of 22 pieces of antique jewelry and crafts from Fabergé, accounting for 10% of all lots. The highest valuation of a lily of the valley shape carved pieces eventually unsold, this work was completed in 1900, has retained the same shape carved pieces just two. Curled lily of the valley blades made of a complete soft jade carving, modeling buds on the branches by the gold pearls and rose-cut diamonds inlaid.
In addition Replica Cartier Love Bracelet antique works outside the auction noteworthy jewelry auction also include Cartier bracelet Roman numismatics, Verdura wooden bracelets from Harry Winston designed a platinum flower brooch set with a total over 200 diamonds, sold for $ 75,000 with a star sapphire brooch tied for the highest auction price of a single product of jewelry.
Using Rococo style, complete set with a gold border nephrite edge dotted with rose-cut diamonds, photo dotted around a circle of pearls. This is presented to Queen Victoria, Queen of Denmark Queen Louise of Denmark, the central frame is sealed enamel portrait of the Queen of Denmark.

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