Replica Cartier Love Bracelet series

replica cartier love bracelet yellow gold

replica cartier love bracelet yellow gold

This bracelet from Replica Cartier Love Bracelet series, edged with delicate screw shape as a bracelet. Screw design inspiration drawn from Kaleidoscope, through the perfect symmetry of precious stones in the barrel to capture the ever-changing patterns.
Replica Cartier Love Bracelet history can be traced back to 1817, designed by Scottish inventor David Brewster, reflected through the prism of colored beads, glass and pebbles, showing symmetrical complex color patterns in the cylinder. Replica Cartier Love Bracelet is on this basis, it will be upgraded for the small pieces of colored ornaments sparkling diamonds, a more compact design to explain the mysteries of the kaleidoscope.
The main central stone pendant a pillow-shaped cut yellow diamond, of Fancy Yellow yellow, gold in particular the use of package inserts to highlight the bright yellow diamond color. Symmetrically around the main stone studded with eight diamonds, respectively brilliant cut and marquise cut, the representative kaleidoscope reflecting the different shapes. In the outermost brilliant diamonds outline round, just a symbol of the circular aperture mirror kaleidoscope.

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